Previous exhibitions

George Nicholson has had three solo exhibitions; (2003) "Painting with Light - a photographic journey"; (2004) "Made in Southwark - a photographic celebration of the hand"; (2006) "Black and Light"

(2003) Painting with Light - a photographic journey, contained 70 photographs in 9 sections; Light Moments, People Places and Les Trucs, French Views, Mountain Light, The Meadow, Towards Perception, Kolkata - a new beginning, Made in Southwark, & The Garden.

"Light moments", contained pieces from George Nicholson's time as a ships engineer in the merchant navy. Other sections contain photographs from his later work in the field of urbanism, where he used photography to explore the concepts of space and locality in the city. This is part of a process designed to challenge the domination of the physical world in urbanism. There are also photographs from another project developing a new language for water space, something that led to the concept of the "Blue Belt" which subsequently led to the "Blue Ribbon Network" being included in the Mayor's London Plan. These photographs were first used in 2 publications by the London Rivers Association; "Rivers of Meaning" (1996) and "River Calling" (2002).

The exhibition also contained 2 large colour works; "The Meadow" with 12 images from the French Pyrenees, and "The Roof" with 8 images, a reminder of the beauty of the ancient structures of the Borough Market, where George Nicholson as Chairman of the Trustees has led the recent revival of fortunes of London's oldest fruit and vegetable market.

(2004) "Made in Southwark - a photographic celebration of the hand" contained 24 black and white images of; the makers of ship and railway fans, musical instruments, surgical instruments, hats, brushes, a bookbinder, stone mason, and calligrapher. Producers and traders from the Borough Market were also feature, together with some images of long standing Southwark residents. A large section of the photographs were of craftsmen and crafswomen working in Iliffe and Peacock Yards in the workshops contained in the historic Pullen's estate in the Elephant & Castle in South London.

(2005) The photographs from the Made in Southwark exhibition were published by Civic Books, and launched at the design museum by Sir Terence Conran.

(2006) A portfolio of George Nicholson's photographs was published in the March edition of Black & White Photography magazine in the UK.

(2006) A piece called "Made in London" was featured in "24 London" an exhibition staged by Totally London, of 24 artists that appeared in three cities; Berlin, Milan and Barcelona.